Marketing strategies for youth workers

Marketing strategies for youth workers to set small businesses up for success: 

1. Create a website – Companies can use their website to provide their customers with more information, grab free traffic through search engines, drive people to their social media, and establish themselves as an authority in marketing through useful content. The website is the foundation of the marketing plan. 

2. Know your customer – Every business must cater to a different niche market and therefore every company requires a marketing plan specific to their goals and needs. Before deciding on tactics and strategy, small business owners should better understand who their target customers are, their age, gender, place of residence, whether and which online services they use, etc.

3. Establish a Brand – for customers and potential customers of a small business to know what their company stands for; they need to have a clear brand identity. Once they have decided on their company identity, they need to match it with an appropriate name, logo, colors, and images that will convey their brand to customers. Once a company has its logo, it should put it on everything: advertising, business cards, website, envelopes, and email signatures.

4. Use the power of SEO – The most common way traffic is driven to a website is through a Google search. As Google’s algorithms change, the company needs to make sure to keep the keywords on their pages optimized to make sure they rank highly in searches. 

5. Advertise on Facebook – One of the best ways to target a specific group is by using Facebook ads. A business can focus its advertising on demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, online habits and more. Setting up Facebook advertising is easy and cheap. It is a great way for a business to reach the maximum number of potential customers in a short amount of time.

6. Email Customers and Potential Customers – There are many advantages to using email as a marketing strategy. It is easy to do, can be automated, provides instantaneous communication, costs very little, and can reach many potential customers. 

7. Use Google AdWords – Google AdWords is more expensive than other marketing tactics we have discussed here but should still be considered as it is a powerful marketing tool. The key is for people to find you when they search on Google and by using Google AdWords, a business can increase the chance of people seeing their name.

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