Power of the Internet tools

Current world is in power of the Internet tools and its various types of apps. More and more scholars focus on this topic and its influence on our behavior. Raising generations have already become specialists in this area. Using and being overused from social media makes us less focused on a given topic or action, which is ongoing in that particular time, due to the fact of our distractions and desire of checking phones or media. From the previous statement we can easily confirm our predictions and forecasting, that using innovative Internet tools or apps and alternation of forms ought to be necessary to introduce into the scholar environment.

Nowadays we can highlight in the digital environment apps and websites, that we cannot count them. Every single school subject can find itself here and can give an opportunity to develop students’ knowledge in it. Below we have highlighted the most important and the most efficient ones.

  1. Tool, which can be used during all of the subjects is Kahoot.it. This is the top website with quizzes, due to the fact of its clarity and ease. Students are in love with taking part in quizzes and competitions, so using it can increase the level of interest in the given subject and active participation in it. The step brother of Kahoot.it can also be: Socrative, Quizizz, Google forms, Bamboozle, Genial.ly or Duolingo.Β 
  2. Strict school subjects are always based on counting, however nowadays we have lots of tools, which can develop those subjects. One of them can be Trello and Desmos. 
  3. Now IT is developing classes and programs for this subject also. We can show students and use during our classes the following apps: WIX.com, where we can easily do our own website without any knowledge about programming. We can also highlight here: Playground and Roboty Sphero, which are games based on programming basis. STEM skills can develop the LittleBits.

As we can see there are a lot of tools, which we can use in our work with kids and teenagers. We can point out more and more those tools, however the most important thing here is alternation of lesson forms, due to the fact of maintaining interest during the lessons. We may also give creative homeworks such as: preparing a digital ad or book, making podcasts about geographic regions or cultures, Preparing live presentations about historical kings. Making an interview in different languages or inviting persons from different cultures, preparing test quiz. In the following examples we can observe above there are a lot of digital options to make school learning more attractive let’s create opportunities for young people to learn where they are already experts.

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