Youth social media trends

The world we surround ourselves with is changing from day to day, so the constant development of the digital world, which, like it or not, is present in our everyday existence, should not be shocking. Due to this dynamic and uncontrolled development of tools such as social media, the National Media Institute was established, which researches and provides comprehensive and reliable knowledge about the contemporary use of media.

The tendency to use the Internet and social media there is probably the highest among young people. According to research conducted by KIM, as many as 92.1% of young people aged 10-15 use computers, the older group of the research subject, i.e. young people,

in the 16-24 age group, as many as 93.7% of them use computers. Currently, teenagers spend on average almost 5 hours a day on the Internet, on days off from school this time increases to 6 hours and 10 minutes, and almost every tenth teenager spends about 8 hours a day on the Internet. The question that may immediately arise is – what activities do young people engage in while spending so much time on the Internet?

The answers to this question can be found in an increasing number of articles, as this topic is gaining popularity and is becoming an increasingly frequent subject of statistical, sociological and psychological research. According to the Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS), as much as 75% of this time is spent contacting friends, the same percentage is the percentage of young people listening to music on the Internet, 69% is watching movies, and 50% of this time is spent browsing social networking sites. . Browsing photos, vlogs and videos is less popular, as approximately 30% of the time spent on the Internet is devoted to this activity. Searching for information for school accounts for 28% of the time, and the smallest percentage (less than 5%) enjoys activities such as: making new friends, reading or running blogs, and playing gambling. It is also worth mentioning games, which account for 23% of time spent on the Internet.

In the previous paragraph, it was clearly stated that social media and mass media websites are very popular among teenagers. The most popular application and social media platform among this social group is TikTok, which, according to research conducted in 2023, is popular among 37% of young people, but this reach is one percentage point smaller than in 2022. The second most popular portal is Snapchat, which is also top position in the application ranking, as it enjoys a popularity rate of 27%, followed by Instagram with a score of 23%. Websites where you can watch movies are also very popular, as 31% of teenagers use Netflix every day, and 28% use the previously mentioned YouTube.

To sum up, today’s youth spend more and more time on the Internet and the social networking sites it contains. This is where they meet people, communicate with friends and thus develop their social contacts. However, this trend is increasing, which means that from year to year young people will use the Internet and social media more.



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